Enter D The Driver!

My name is D The Driver.  Welcome to my blog site!

If you are reading this, undoubtedly, you are visiting or planning a visit to the Kohala-Coast, here on Hawai’i Island (aka, The Big Island).  My blogs will focus on the sights and activities of the Big Island (Through my lens, of course.). Whether you’re interested in kayaking Keauhou Bay, chartering a fishing boat in Honokohau Bay, or where you can get some good Hawaiian shaved ice in downtown Kailua-Kona, here’s where you’ll find my writings and videos on all things Kohala-Coast!

Kailua-Kona transportation
Photo by Joel Collins.

Just as my name alludes to, I’m a Driver.  A driver that, primarily, focuses on the Kona side of The Big Island, but I can be convinced to take you on a tour anywhere on this beautiful rock.  Flying into Kona, and you need a ride?  Book with me HERE.

Hope to see you in the Sunshine!



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D The Driver

I walked with Aloha, even before I knew the word.

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