D’s Wardrobe Highlight: Hats and Footwear

“D, where do you get your hats?”, is a consistent question I get.  I know I look so fly that some people want to get some of that flavor and take it home with them. Lol!  So, if you’re on the Big Island, be sure to visit The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo, at 256 Kamehameha Ave, in Hilo’s Bayfront.  Although this is where I purchase my Scala Hats, they sell so many other things; gifts, memorabilia, clothes. And they’re all very nice. Tell them D The Driver sent you!

Although my footwear changes often, lately I’ve been rocking these Nike SB Check Solar skate shoes.  They’re simple, stylish, and comfortable!


You can also purchase these items through my Amazon Affiliate links, here:

Shoes: Nike Men’s SB Check Solar

Hat: Scala Classico Fedora


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