D’s Wardrobe Highlight: Hats and Footwear

“D, where do you get your hats?”, is a consistent question I get.  I know I look so fly that some people want to get some of that flavor and take it home with them. Lol!  So, if you’re on the Big Island, be sure to visit The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo, at 256 Kamehameha Ave, in Hilo’s Bayfront.  Although this is where I purchase my Scala Hats, they sell so many other things; gifts, memorabilia, clothes. And they’re all very nice. Tell them D The Driver sent you!

Although my footwear changes often, lately I’ve been rocking these Nike SB Check Solar skate shoes.  They’re simple, stylish, and comfortable!


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Shoes: Nike Men’s SB Check Solar

Hat: Scala Classico Fedora


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Is The Coast Clear?!

Is the coast clear?  For Kona, yes. For Hilo, not so much. Yes, Hurricane Lane, has been down graded to a cat 1 tropical storm, but the damage has been done.  Hawaii Islands’ East side experienced record breaking rainfall!


Hilo Bay map

The Waiakea Uka area of Hilo experienced a whopping 45.80 inches! Hilo International Airport (ITO) was soaked with 31.85 inches of rain.

The last 3 days have gone on record as the most rain Hilo has ever experienced in a three-day period. Wailuku river, overrun with rain, flooded Hilo’s Bayfront. The National Weather Service called the flooding “catastrophic.”.  Although Hurricane Lane has dumped the most rain that Hilo has ever seen, at 45.8 inches, the record for the most rainfall in the state, goes to Hurricane Hiki — drenching Kauai back in 1950 with 52 inches!


More than 100 residence were forced to evacuate. 6 shelters, island wide, have been opened to assist those in need. To find out how you can support, contact the Hawaii State Chapter of the Red Cross (808) 734-2101.

Honu at Punaluu Beach

Kailua-Kona With D The Driver

The last blog I wrote was at the tail end of May. That was just before I took my trip back to the East Coast. It was on this visit when my laptop was stolen from my rental vehicle. Although I did not allow the theft to rob me of a good time visiting friends and family, it did impact, among other things, my ability to write my weekly blog. With a laptop, there’s freedom- Freedom to turn virtually any place into “my office”. Any of the beautiful beaches, parks, or cafés magically transform into places for me to manage accounts, do paperwork, communicate with clients, and consistently write my D The Driver Blog. A lot has gone down since I last shared.

The Volcano.
The breakout lava flow is still flowing- like a river, in fact! Fissure 8 has emerged as the dominant source of the lava activity. The Big Island is getting Bigger! For the latest maps and information, dealing with Kilauea and lava activity, please visit the USGA’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory site.

Added a 12 passenger van service option.
Now, if you would like to apply my exemplary service to the delivery of your group, of up to 12, on an outing or retreat, I can take care of that!

12 Passenger Chevy Van

Absolute Ba;ance In Hawaii
Yoga Retreat Participants from Tokyo, Japan.

The cruise ships are back!
After the news coverage gave everyone a good fright, the cruise ships discontinued their stops to Hawaii Island’s Hilo and Kona ports.
When Norwegian Cruise Line announced it would be adding the ports back onto its Pride of America itinerary, here’s what they said:

“As we have always said, Hawaii is an incredible destination,” the cruise lines said. “We have visited its ports for well over a decade and we are very happy to be returning to Hilo and Kona. Please know that the safety and security of our guests and crew remains our first priority so we will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation.”

I had the privilege of driving a pleasant older couple from Fort Lauderdale, FL, last Tuesday. I picked them up at the pier. They told me that they wanted to drive around, see a few sites, and find themselves at a beachfront restaurant, for lunch. So we cruised South on Ali’I Drive, up to Keauhou Bay and the scenic lookout, and then we headed North to Hualalai Resort where they enjoyed a nice lunch at The Four Seasons’ Beachtree Restaurant, situated on the beach! Then, the final stop before returning to the pier- Kona Mountain Coffee- for some gifts. I returned them to the pier with a half hour to spare and big smiles on their faces. They thanked me for a wonderful afternoon and said “If you’re ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, give us a call.”. I just might do that. Haha!

With so many things to see and do on this wonderful island, what would you like to do or see?
Give me a shout, and we can work it out!

I hope to see you in the Kona Sunshine!

Hawaii Shores
D The Driver At Your Service!

Kona and Kohala are​ still open for Business!


This week, I’ve had plenty of guests express to me that they contemplated canceling their trip to the Big Island because of the volcanic activity.  “The news had me thinking that the entire island was about to be covered in lava and ash!” said a woman visiting from New York.  “I almost canceled our trip.” she continued.  It was a good thing that she decided to contact the Kona hotel, that she booked with.  They informed her that Hawaii Island is big, and the volcano, as well as the new fissures are about 100 miles away and that she would be in no danger of lava on her trip.

On May 3rd, Kilauea began spitting out lava from new vents forming in the middle of a Southern East coast subdivision, Leilani Estates.  This news, as I mentioned in last week’s blog, has been extremely sensationalized.  This fear-based news coverage has caused many people to cancel their trips to the Big Island.  Bookings for hotels, tours, and other activities have experienced a 50% decline. Tally up the costs, May-July, to the tune of 5 million dollars!

Perhaps now would be a good time to take advantage of great deals, as airlines and business would like everyone to know that most of the island is not threatened by the lava flow.

“Travelers can enjoy their vacation experience in the Hawaiian Islands to the fullest, with the only word of caution being that they stay out of areas closed to the public for their own safety.”

                          -George D. Szigeti, president, and CEO of the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Tourism is one of Hawaii’s biggest industries and a big part of the local economy.  Yes, lava is flowing.  Yes, structures (including about 27 homes) have been destroyed.  The mainstream national news would have you believe that it is the entire State and not a remote area of The BIG Island. There are thousands of people still arriving at Kona and Hilo airports and enjoying this beautiful island.  Today people; swam with dolphins in the pristine blue water, went on deep ocean fishing expeditions, hiked amazing trails, and enjoyed the amenities of world-class resorts. The Hilton Waikoloa Village has been operating at about full capacity since the eruption. The Hilton, just as the other breathtaking hotels of the Kohala coast, is not affected by the current volcanic activity.   Now, if you booked your stay at a bed and breakfast in Leilani Estates or the surrounding area, yes, you may want to reconsider.  Hawi, Waimea, and Kona-Kohala are still open for you to enjoy!  Hope to see you in the Kona sun!